Monday, January 15, 2007

Stiff Upper Lips.....

.......stiff lips? They were about the only part that wasn't stiff when I set off on today's very easy run. Surprising after 2 days rest; however we do what we have to do no matter what!

Program : 5 to 6 km very easy run....low heart rate.

I jogged easily for 6km along Diamond Fields Road & felt as stiff as a board all the way!

Stopped to have a short chat with one of the property owners who had recently been on a climb to Mt Everest base camp. His next venture is a walk in Mongolia & later this year, 20 days walk in Germany following the Rhine & wine routes...... The latter sounds good to me!

Tomorrow - back to the track. Here we go again, happy as can be......


  1. I agree LL. The walk along the Rhine sounds great. Plenty of lubrication to oil the joints and loosen the muscles and 20 days to do it in....

  2. I'm overseas at present and have only just caught up with the news (via Ewen) of your great run at the track last Thursday. You have set some incredible benchmarks there for all of us to aspire to. Words will never do justice to what you have taught us about running...and life.

  3. Book me in for the CoolRunning Rhine Wine Walking Tour LL !

  4. Mmm, wine - that sounds just perfect ;-)