Thursday, January 18, 2007

Incey Wincey Spider......

...........there he was coming down the water spout just as I cupped my hands for a drink!

There was a heavy mist over the area this morning when I started out, late as usual, & then became very hot as the sun broke through. On the way back I stopped to drink from a tap in the "Old Historic Cemetery" in Diamond Fields Road. Lo & behold, another Incey Wincey was waiting to exit the spout, but this spider unlike the one who lives in another tap, clung onto the waterfall. I didn't want to drown him so I turned the tap off , Incey Wincey ran back up the water spout & I left as dry mouthed as I'd arrived. So, don't drink from taps before testing for spiders!

Program: Medium Long Run. Start with 60 minutes & increase by 10 minutes each week until 1 hour 30 minutes is reached. Low Heart Rate.

Easy run for exactly 60 minutes & then walked about 1km back to the car.
Distance = 7km. Avg. HR = 70% of Max. 109-130bpm.......higher on hills:

No problems with hamstring niggle; had it taped; icing & gentle stretching during the day.

Tomorrow - NOTHING!

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  1. I always thought it was "Incey Wincey" ...but I will defer to your greater authority, LL.

    Hey, congratulations on your record breaking 800 m the other day. That was sublime. I'm sorry if I overlooked it until now; I have been pretty busy and blog monitoring sporadically. But you are always an inspiration!