Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cross Training, #2

10 min warm-up + 2 strides
1 Set Pete Magill drills
20 min easy jogging.

  I used Radio Road beside the school for the drills and then into the soccer field to finish with some easy jogging.  Not much of a day at all here; cold and sunless; light drizzle towards the finish of the session.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cross Training.... Day #1

In the pool:  Running

5 min warm-up & stretches.
1 min hard 1 min  easy; 2 min hard 1 min easy; 3 min hard 1 min easy: 4 min hard 1 min easy; 5 min hard 1 min easy; 4 min hard 1 min easy; 3 min hard 1 min easy; 2 min hard 1 min easy; 1 min hard.
5 min cool-down & stretches.

Total 43 min

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Bad Track Day!

As usual I went to Chev. College track this morning to do the program :

10 to 20min warm-up
3 x (2 x 1200m) 
10 min cool-down.

I did the warm-up + a few strides and even then, my legs were feeling like jelly, but once I started the first 1200m they really turned to jelly!

I think they might not have been completely recovered from Sunday's long, hard run;  I don't really know, but when I fell flat on my chest, not my face,  during the second 1200m and expelled every last bit of breath, I took it as time to stop!

I maybe should have gone to the pool today instead of the track; anyhow, I'll be at the pool tomorrow for sure.  I feel certain I'd not recovered properly to do the track program today.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Long Hilly Run

First 5km around Renwick school for warm-up; then down Bong Bong, up Old South and Range Roads.  From thereon rolling hills.  To my surprise it was also very windy and cold.  I felt this was a hard run and took many walk breaks on the hills....on the way  up and even coming down.  I was extremely tired when I finished and felt like I'd run a marathon!  However, in spite of the wind, hills, walking and generally feeling battered and bruised, my pace was just about right as per program!   Big surprise!  Started at 9:53 a.m.

Program :  21km @ avg. 7:47 m/k

Time = 2 hours 43 min.
Avg. Pace = 7:48 m/k
AHR 116 (70%MHR 132 (83%)
5km splits :  40:21;  40:39;  37:09;  37:15: (last 1k in 8:20)

 As I said, I felt terribly worn out after this run so, after a shower and something to eat and drink, I made for bed and an hour's rest; surprised I didn't sleep though, just rested.

Total 21km

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tempo Run

Perfect morning, sunny and warm with hardly any wind.  I did this run on the roads around the school area because it's flatter than anywhere else.  I felt good for the entire run, for a change!

Program : 
2km warm-up
5k @ 6:44 m/k
1k cool-down.
Warm-up ..OK
5km  @  avg. pace 6:55  (best were last 3k times : 6:34;  6:32; 5:47)
Cool-down...OK, followed by usual stretches in the soccer the sun!

Total = 8km

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cross-Training #2

Drills or Hills?  I chose hills; short ones!

Iron Mines Oval:   The road leading down to the ovals.

10 min warm-up + 2 strides

12 short hill repeats; walk down.
13 - 20 seconds up.

I don't know if the hill was steep enough.   I ran hard but I didn't want a cross-training day to be too strenuous!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cross -Training

At the pool :  Henley Brae

15 min including warm-up and stretches
30 min steady running.

Total 45 minutes in sparkling warm water on a freezing, windy day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mud and Wind!

And that just about sums up what it was like on the track at Chev. College this morning!  I changed the program to an easier one because of the terrible conditions :  the track was muddy and slippery; the weather foul!

Program : 10 - 20 min warm-up
2 x (1200m, 800m, 400m)  1 min RI & 3 min RI btw. sets
10 min cool-down

1.6k warm-up + 4 drills & strides
Avg. pace for Set 1 = 6:28 m/k;  6:08 m/k;  5:50 m/k
Avg. pace for Set 2 = 6:18 m/k;  6:07 m/k;  5:49 m/k

The 400m repeats were the only ones better than the pace in the program; others, a bit slower!

I ran without shoes; the muddy track was cold and slippery; my feet covered in mud up to the ankles! I took off for home without doing any cool-down or stretches.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Diving in the Deep End!

Or bouncing back!  I felt like a "new woman" today  -  compared with three or four days ago  -  so I started the week off with a session in the pool at Henley Brae.

45 minutes including :  warm-up, funny Magill drills, leg stretches, water running and a cool-down.

Tomorrow, I'll test myself out on the track at Chevalier College but I don't much like the look of the program.  A tough one!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Lost Week.....

Completely; lost to all training!  On Tuesday evening, I came down with the worst gastric attack in living memory!

I continued violent vomiting through Tuesday night, all day Wednesday, Wednesday night and most of Thursday by which time I knew I was in big trouble from dehydration; couldn't stand without feeling faint and had been sipping on water only for the past three days.

I knew it was time to do something about all this.  I rang my local GP to find out what I should do.  "Get an ambulance and get to the hospital for hydration on a drip:"   I argued that I couldn't do that with two little dogs left with no one to look after them.  This didn't go down too well and I was told the only alternative was to take a taxi to the medical centre and they would assess me from there, which they did, but  after an injection to stop the vomiting they rang an ambulance and off I went to Bowral Private Hospital and put on a drip for 24 hours.  I returned home feeling almost  a new woman on Friday afternoon.

What a difference a drip makes!  I was feeling about 90% by mid day today, Friday., My GP came in and gave me the OK to go home with a lecture about never letting dehydration get so bad over three or more days because the next stage is for the kidneys to shut down and then you're in big trouble!  Apparently I'd just about reached that stage.

Anyhow, I'll be resting up over this weekend and then hopefully be able to get back on the road next week.  I'll just have to write off the week's running and start back up when I feel 100%.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Long Run 20km

Diamond Fields Road offered some shelter from the wind for this morning's long run.

 There were still plenty of hills to run up and down but the change of scenery and shelter made for a good long run which I very much enjoyed.

Program:  20km @ 7:35 m/k

20km in 2:36:30
Avg Pace 7:49
AHR 108 (74%);  MHR 133 (84%)
5km splits  42:12;  39:17;  37:52:  37:07 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tempo Run .....supposedly!

Too cold, too windy, too wet and too slow!  Bit of a waste of time really.  I ran mindlessly up and down Radio Road to get some protection from the wind.  Not a good session at all!

2k warm-up
4k @ 6:44m/k
2k cool-down

2k easy......ok
4k @ 7:50.....not ok!
2k easy...ok!

Total  8km

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Cross Training #2

Renwick soccer field, freezing wind!  Awful conditions but I got it done! 

10 min easy jog
1 set Magill drills & strides
10 min easy jog.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Cross Training....

In the Pool : Water Running

Time 70 minutes. 

Lovely in the warm water when it's only 3.3 degrees outside!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I Hate 800s!

I really do hate running 800m repeats!  I can't do them; they're too hard!  Besides that, the conditions at Chev track this morning were the worst I can recall: zero degrees,  freezing wind and a muddy, slippery, grass track.  I cut the session short by doing 4 instead of 6 x 800m.  The grass was too cold to run barefoot so my socks very soon became water-logged and my shoes heavily laden with mud. Somewhat handicapped I thought!

10-20 min warm-up
6x800m @ 6:06m/k
10min cool-down. 

2k warm-up + some drills & strides 
4 x 800m (each one slower than the other!)
No cool-down;  I was still freezing!

6:13m/k (4:57);  6:26m/k (5:03);  6:25m/k (5:04);  6:28m/k (5:13)

After the 4th repeat I'd had enough and took off for home & a hot shower!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Long Run

Same route as the last three Sundays :  From Renwick school, Radio, Bong Bong, Old South and Range Roads.  Today I ran out of puff and had to take three short, very short, walk breaks between the 6th and 8th Km to catch my breath.  Nevertheless, I think this course is good practice for the hills in the City-to-Surf.

18km in 2 hours 21 min.
Avg. pace 7:52 m/k
5k splits = 40:13;  42:50;  37:52;  and 3k in 20:53
AHR 111 (70%);  MHR 136 (86%)

Cold & windy but the views were fantastic!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Tempo Run

I ran bare foot on the wet, but not boggy, grass in the soccer field today.  The session was:

1.5km easy
3.5km @ MT (mid-tempo) pace
1.5km easy
3.5km @ MT pace
1.5km easy

Changing my 5k time from 31:38 (last year's time) to 32 min. (I must be at least that much slower by now!) and basing all paces on that time, MT pace is 6:44m/k.

3.5km @ 7:07
3.5km @ 6:49 ....both a bit slow, but the  puddles didn't help!


Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A Track Full of Mud!

What a quagmire the track at Chev was this morning after days of rain!  I thought it was probably a waste of time when I saw the state of the track but having driven there, I decided to give it a go.  It felt dreadful having to plough through water and mud splashed right up to my knees, so I was surprised when I looked at the results on Garmin Connect to see that I was pretty close to the set paces.

10-20 min warm-up
2 x 1200m @ 6:10m/k (7:25)
200m RI 
4 x 800m @ 6:00m/k (4:53)
10 min cool-down

1.2k warm-up + few drills & strides
1.  7:33 (6:16m/k)
2.  7:30 (6:12m/k)  (400m RI between)

1.  4:54 (6:12m/k);
2. 4:53 (6:10m/k);  
3. 4:53 (6:10m/k)
4. 4:53 (6:10m/k)  (400m RI between.)

No cool down or stretching, the rain had returned.  I was glad to get home and into a shower to wash off all the mud that I'd accumulated from the water-logged track.