Friday, January 04, 2013

Another OK Day! ~~~

  The plan for this morning was to try for 5km without having to walk at all and I did just that except for one short, steep hill where I walked to be on the safe side.  It was a very slow jog routine, keeping my feet close to the ground and taking short, quick steps which seem to work in keeping pain away.

5km jog in 38 minutes
Avg. pace 7:41
AHR 72%;  MHR 80%

Finished with gentle groin stretching and icing at home.

A Slow 5km

 For today, pleased to say 5k!


  1. So good to read you're out there again. Do take care LL. I want you to recover properly so you can come back to Canberra and run on track. Happy healthy New Year to you. xx

  2. I promise to be careful, Ruth, and I promise to return to Canberra and run on track!

  3. Woohoo! You're back on the road! Well back in the paddocks as well going by that map.