Thursday, January 17, 2013

Physiotherapy Today ~~~

An early call this morning at 8:30 asking if I could make it for an appointment at 9:00a.m.  Now, 8:00 to 8:30am is usually my time for thinking about getting out of bed!  However, after a quick shower and a cup of coffee I made it with time to spare!

I have the best of the best Physiotherapists. She is Ellie Scott who is in charge of the Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Department at Bowral Private Hospital.  I haven't had much need for Physiotherapy but other Physios I've been to in past years seem to treat several patients, all during the same time frame, going in and out from one to the other.  Ellie just doesn't do that! From start to finish she's there for each patient and believes in the 'hands on' approach to treat an injury unless, of course, other equipment is needed or ordered by a doctor for a specific reason. I think she's great!

To begin, after a fair bit of questioning and looking at the x-rays, she tested each leg for range of movement in every direction,  then felt the left groin area until she hit a spot which hurt so much I yelped and snatched her hand away! Right on the spot of adductor tendinitis!  This was followed up with "needling" which is not  like acupuncture at all : Apparently, whether your muscle is overacting inappropriately or under-acting inappropriately, the needle seems to have a normalizing effect. It acts as reset button for the injured muscle and seems to give some immediate relief.  That took about 10 minutes while I lay there and relaxed!

I was put through 5 gentle exercises which I must do 3 times every day.  Tomorrow, I use the hydrotherapy pool for about 30 minutes walking, with strict instructions that I don't race up and down the pool as I did last time I was there, 2 years ago.  I see Ellie again and use the hydrotherapy pool on Monday and then the stationary bike when I'm told and under her supervision.  She thinks I go like a maniac unless I'm carefully watched!

What a long talk I've had to my blog and it listens without interruption!  I write more on my blog now that I'm on my own than I used to when I had Jim to listen to me....and he never interrupted either!  Anyhow, I'm pleased I've made a positive start to ridding myself of this injury.  I can't see that I'll be ready to run the Canberra Half  Marathon in April, but I think there's one in May that I would hope to do if I can start my half marathon program no later than the end of this month.  I'd never enter any race half baked!

Well, dear little blog (and any readers), that just about covers all relevant recent rehab and I'll add any further fun as we go!

Look on the Bright Side!!


  1. Ellie could be right regarding your lack of supervision. Good luck. Hope you can arrive for a race fully baked!

    1. You know me better than I thought, Ewen!

  2. That's excellent news LL. Ellie does sound lovely and very helpful. It makes such a difference if you feel that the problem is being treated positively. The hydrotherapy bath sounds heavenly. I'll be watching your progress with bated breath as I'm so looking forward to seeing you out there running again. There is a certificate waiting for you at track for your record breaking run. Neil had it there tonight. Best of luck for a rapid recovery. xx