Saturday, January 05, 2013

Out Again! ~~~ Same Injury ~ Updates 1, 2, 3 and 4!

Bad luck....I had uncomfortable pain in my groin strain last night, only two days after returning to the roads, so I'm off again today and until I can move without any sign of discomfort and pain.  When that will be, I have no idea. Will blog again when/if I resume running.

I wish I could think in the same way Jiminy Cricket does  : 

"When you feel downhearted
And don't know what to do :
Give a little whistle, Give a little whistle and
Always let your conscience be your guide."

All very well for him to talk....but I can't whistle! 


Friday,11th....latest on my injury!
Saw doctor this morning as there didn't seem to be any sign of improvement ~~~ Grrr!
Pain could be hip related ~~~ GRRRRR! Wondered about this myself.
Both hips have had x-ray ~~~ Quick and painless!
Results on Monday ~~~ eek!
May need some physio ~~~ that's OK! Have an excellent one ~~~
Next report, Monday ~~~  more to come!

Well......a report earlier than expected!
Phone call this morning, Saturday, 12th.  Dr wants to see me Monday, 10:00am about hips x-ray results!  Now, that's what I'd call fast work!
Surely it's only to tell me she's never seen such magnificent hips ...........outside of a zoo!  What else could it be? My tip is arthritis in the hip with referred pain in the groin!
Definitely another report on Monday!

Monday, 14th

I was wrong!  No sign of arthritis, osteo or otherwise, in either hip!  HURRAY! Just tendonitis in the groin area which physiotherapy (starting on Wednesday) and time will take care of.  Time, is a bit of a worry and patience I don't have a lot of but, heaven be praised, I live to run  again some day soon!

Fabricati Diem!!
Wednesday, 16th ~~~
I had to cancel today's physio appointment until next week all because of a nasty gastric upset yesterday; OK today but not ready for anything other than watching tennis!

Better Luck Next week!


  1. You'll resume running. It's just a bloody groin injury! I can't whistle either, but my sister can. She can whistle up a Times Square cab from Central Park.

    1. Not so sure anymore about the first sentence, Ewen, but the picture in my mind of your sister whistling up a Times Square cab from Central Park, surely did make me laugh....and shed a little tear at the same time!

  2. So sorry to hear LL but like Ewen, I'll think positive and send very positive vibes your way. Rest and recover. Anyway, you're best out of this intense heat. If you're going to be injured now is a good time. xx

    1. Thanks, Ruth, keep those vibes coming...almost at the stage of giving up, but I'll try some walking tomorrow, Thursday, and see if I can get some motivation back.

  3. Woo hoo - your latest doctor's report is very positive - such good news! You WILL run again and before too long. So so happy for you. Do hope the physio tomorrow goes well. xx