Thursday, January 03, 2013

First Day Out - and Back, 2013!

This morning I thought it time to see how my injured leg would behave, or not, on the road.  With walk/jog in mind I set off from the Highlands School to Diamond Fields Road where I planned , if all went well, to call in on some friends at just past the 5km mark, knowing I had the option of turning back if there was any sign of pain.  All did go well, no groin pain, so I stayed with walking/jogging both ways.

Diamond Fields Road - Out and Back - 10.5km

I walked the first 2km and then a slow jog, followed by walking - about 50/50 -  walking up and down any hills. So good to be moving again!

Friends were at home and after about 45 minutes sitting on their verandah chatting over a glass of icy cold water, making friends with their new pup and watching a bird feed her two chicks in a nest precariously balanced in a vine that trails along the verandah, I was on the way back, leg intact and no pain unless I tried to lift it far from the ground.  This way, the jog looked more like a quick shuffle, but it got me there and back in good shape.  On with the ice pack and gentle groin stretch at home far so good!  Tomorrow, I'll cut the distance down to 5km....big sigh of relief!

Today : 10.5km
Avg. pace 9:26m/k...slow but sure on a very rough dirt road!

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