Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #34 ~`~~~

It was a mud bath and what better way to start the weekend!  Don't answer that!
"Mud Ahead!"

On Thursday I thought the conditions pretty average, but after 24 hours of steady rain Friday, we had a battle on our hands this morning.  Water on the cycle path wasn't too bad, but 500m of  muddy grass slope was something else, especially having to slog through it twice! Nonetheless, no one complained, no one turned back and only the front runner came a cropper, sliding through the mud over the finish line on his side just seconds ahead of the 2nd runner!
Swinging around the turnaround!

My run was average, I suppose; still way slower than my PB of 33:43.  I got there early and did almost 3km as warm-up, but had the disadvantage then by starting at 8:00am with soaked, muddy shoes and socks. 

5km in 35:46
7:05;     7:03;     7:09;     7:04;     7:22

TE 3.0 ~~~~~ Improving!  Surprise, last!

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