Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Track at Chevalier College ~~~~~

A beast of a day!!  It was so cold and so terribly windy, I don't know why I stayed!  But stay I did and battled in deep anguish(!) all the way through to the bitter end. At home, in catatonic state of frozen, dived into a hot bath, splashed around until I felt limbs start to defrost and blood cursing through veins again.  This, immediately followed by two poached eggs on toast, a mug of coffee and I was ready to look at the damage on Garmin Connect.

Here it is:

The Session:
10-20 min warm-up .... I did 13 min + couple drills/strides
400m    2:39 ... 2:44
600m    4:00 ... 4:12
800m    5:22 ... 5:33
1200m  8:09 ... 8:27
800m    5:22 ... 5:33
600m    4:00 ... 4:20
400m    2:39 ... 2:43

400m RI  between each rep.

TE 1.3 to 1.6 = Minor!!  What??
Stretches to finish.

A worse day I don't need  ~~~~~  Biting, blustery and bleak!

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