Saturday, May 02, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #31 ~~~~~

Surprised to see the sun was shining this morning and, considering recent rainfall, the turnout was more than I expected.... 40 runners, down about half.  However, the cycle path and grassy slope were in an even worse state than when I ran there last Thursday:  the grassed areas were muddy bogs and on the cycle path the flooding was deeper and more wide spread.  Nevertheless, I didn't see even one runner slow down; all splashed on regardless!

My run was OK; not a PB and there weren't too many at all this morning ... 3PBs.

5km in 35:54 (33:43 is my PB)
Splits : 7:02;  7:04;  7:11;  6:55;  8:09

Another muddy mire!

HR 72% - 89%
TE 2.4 = Maintaining! (About time!)

Enjoyed the run  immensely despite the conditions; chatting before and after to people I didn't know before I joined .... not difficult to love Parkrun no matter the conditions!

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