Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Track ~~~~~1st Day of 12 Week Half Marathon Program!

It would've been pointless driving to Chev track today; the oval would have been very soggy at best.  Instead I had the bright idea of using a quiet, level road, measuring the required distance and doing the track session there.  I drove through Renwick to Scarlet Street, parked at the side, jogged 400m, the distance I was to use, and had the road all to myself.

The Session:
10-20 min warm-up ...... I did 12 min incl. few drills and strides.
12x400m (2:39)  .... I did 8! Hope to improve!
90 sec RI .... I did walk around recoveries.

2:30;  2:35;  2:20;  2:36;  2:21;  2:36;  2:34;  2:19

For a first session, I guess this was OK;  finished at 8 repeats 'cos I was just about out of puff!  The road was good, possibly easier than the same session on the grass track.  In any case, it served its purpose better than a soggy track would have.

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