Sunday, May 24, 2015

Long Run ~~~~~~ With Hills.

16km Old South & Range Roads.

My half marathon program said I was to take today's long run easy!  No set pace, 16km easy running and with that in mind I made the decision to make it a difficult and hilly course which could be none other than Old South and Range Roads.  I started from the school, after saying good morning to the twin baby goats, and from there straight up Old South Road for 3.5km ... one big, long steep climb which I walked.

Left at the roundabout into Range Road where the climb continues for about another 1km before settling into a succession of short and long, steep and not so steep hills! It was a tough jog/walk, but feel sure it must do some good : my hamstrings and lower back started to ache long before the turnaround at 8km and the toes in my right foot went numb!
An "English" Country Lane in the Southern Highlands.

From Range Road

Over the top of my top I wore my bright yellow fluorescent safety vest, bought especially for this road where drivers and bikers speed like idiots round the many bends and just inches off the backs of each other!  I make sure they can see me coming as well as moving as far to the side as I can without sliding into the ditches.

16km jog/walk in 2hours 25 minutes
TE 1.7 =  MINOR!!  WHAT??

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