Sunday, May 17, 2015

Long Run ~~~~~

What a glorious day here .... and I suppose just about everywhere! Leah and I started from the Highlands School at 9:00am and headed for Diamond Fields Road which, as always, never disappoints.  The dirt road was in fairly good condition but care needed running over stones, rocks and ditches. We took many walk breaks but ran every hill ..... long or short; mostly they were long! I depended on Leah to take the lead when approaching a hill and, with encouragement, to keep me honest all the way to the top each time!  We ran as far as what is in fact the Nepean River where it trickles across the trail in a wondrous bush setting where the only sounds are those of the birds and the water cascading over fallen trees and the spillway.

I carried water today to see if being dehydrated has been the cause of this dreadful dry heaving I've been getting in recent months.  Pleased that I didn't have a single episode, so that might have been the problem.  I googled "dry retching/heaving" recently and most responses mention making sure of adequate hydration before and during run. I might have to take water for Parkrun's 5km because the 'retching' happens in short distances as well as the longer ones.  It's worth a try because it brings me to a heaving halt whenever it occurs.

Today :    15km in 2hours 10 minutes.  Slower pace than program which had 8:15m/k, whereas we were 9:11m/k.
5km splits :  46:29;   44:47;    46:03; 
TE "Minor" .... What?? ..... it felt 'major'!!  Does now especially, at 2:00pm ...I'm as stiff as a ramrod!

15km Diamond Fields Road ... out and back course.

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