Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~~~ 9.5km

Bowral Parkrun course for today's tempo run; bitterly cold wind; took ages to thaw out! Large areas of water on two sections of the cycle path, but at least it was less windy than coming down the grass slope to start. I was way off pace -  nothing felt easy this morning - and VP finished over two minutes ahead of me.  Nevertheless, it would be difficult not to enjoy running, albeit slower than expected, on such a peaceful, scenic course.  If only my running was as pretty!

 Tempo Run:
1.5k easy
8km@ 7:20m/k
1km easy.

8km in 1 hour 1 min.
Avg. pace 7:42m/k.
HR 71-79%
TE 1.8 ~~~~ Minor!!

Tempo 8km ..... (of 10.5km)

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