Monday, April 17, 2017

Repeats on Road ~~~~

3km warm-up   ......  I jogged 2km

7 x 1km @ mod. to hard effort .....  I did 3 with VP set to run 7:34m/k

3min RI

3km cool-down ...  I walked 1km

A breezy morning with the sun in and out along Scarlett Street where I did 3 of 7 road repeats.

7:19  TE 2.4
7:34  TE 2.4
7:34  TE 2.2

I enjoyed getting out this morning despite the fact that my blog and I face the threat of possible extinction in 4 weeks!


  1. What will I read if you stop blogging? Ruth has just started up again so maybe I'll resort to reading hers.

  2. Well, you could start reading mine all over again from day one!!!!