Sunday, April 09, 2017

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow ~~~~~ & Tomorrow is Here! Which Means it's Monday!

Yesterday ......  yesterday seems so far away!
Bowral Parkrun #81 for me...
39:51 age graded 84.19% .. just about finished berating myself over this slow one!

Today .....  today I had the feeling!
Long Run ....  the feeling of a huge blister on the sole of my left foot! So painful!  I hobbled the last few metres, sat down and inspected the damage!

Reminder to buy Blister Block before next run!

9km easy running (with some walk breaks) including 6 x 80m strides & 6 x 10 second hill sprints.
TE  2.2  Maintaining

Tomorrow ... the sun will come out tomorrow!
Stepping back from usual running plan this week to have more recovery time and do some easy, low heart rate runs while I sort out why I've been so tired when Saturday's parkrun comes around. To be continued ......

Monday :  Going Nowhere!  Just as well a rest day is the plan! Really, really, really sore!

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