Thursday, April 06, 2017

Repeats on Road ~~~~~

Chev oval would have been impossible to run on this morning after not only more rain but more feet to plough up the ground after football matches.  I used quiet and secluded Scarlett Street where I had a cheer ("You're doing well!") from the driver of a passing garbage truck!

Program was:

Warm-up .....  I jogged 1km to get distance right.
5 x 1000m (VP set to run 7:45m/k)
400m RI ... walking around.
Cool-down & Stretches .. I did the latter at home.

7:38  TE 2.1 Maintaining

7:15  TE 2.7 Maintaining

7:33  TE 3.1  Improving!! 

7:17  TE 3.0  Improving!!!!

7:21  TE 2.8  Maintaining

1km Repeats all ahead of VP!!

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