Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Tempo Run & the Thrill of Staying Ahead of VP! ~~~~~

Bowral parkrun course; light wind and rain ... all good!

1.5 km warm-up
3.0km @ ST pace (ie 8:10m/k based on 40 min 5k finish)
1.5km easy
1.5km @ ST pace
1.5km easy
3.0km @ St pace
1.5km cool-down

Ran all of the above segments either on grass hill, cycle path or surrounding Burradoo streets.  Over the moon that I left VP struggling to keep up!

3:0km in 23:03
Avg. 7:41m/k
TE 2.5 Maintaining

1.5km in 11:55
Avg. 7:57m/k
TE 2.5 Maintaining

3:0km in 23:33
Avg. 7:51m/k
TE 3.2 IMPROVING ... at last!

I was extremely pleased with myself this morning!  Not in a very long time have I felt what it's like to run almost effortlessly while at the same time enjoying the light rain and, best of all, staying ahead of VP!

The 1.5km lap at pace, Burradoo.


  1. Great running! Pretty soon you'll have me feeling sorry for poor VP.