Sunday, April 23, 2017

Saturday & Sunday ~~~~~

This was Saturday .......  at Briars after Bowral parkrun when my lovely friends drove up from Canberra, some camping the previous night, to allow me to be part of Ewen's 60th birthday celebrations!  I mean, when you've got friends like that, what more can you say or hope for from others?  I often think to myself, but have never said it out loud before let alone put pen to paper :  I have living relatives who neither know nor care if I'm alive or not and it has been hurtful and distressing for many years but then comes a day like yesterday and I remember my wonderful, loyal friends and I don't mind anymore!

After such a joyful birthday breakfast, unexpectedly, I found myself a little sad for the rest of the day.  I think because I wondered if there would there be another such reunion in my lifetime?  I do hope so, but I think a little part of my heart might have been saying goodbye ... just in case!  Hence the pang of sadness that followed.

This is Sunday ........ part of where I did my long run/walk.  Plenty of walking because the hills never get any easier and I was just so very tired!  Maybe I ate too much of Ewen's wombat birthday cake and then, being greedy, also took home an even larger portion for supper!  The cake was made by the amazing Ruth and was transported from Canberra along with Dave's bikes for a triathlon today at Batemans Bay.  I wouldn't have dared!  I could see the bike colliding with the chocolate 'wombat'!

So the run had a lot of walking;  I was very tired but I guess it was better to do what I could rather than staying home doing nothing! I probably underestimate the value of walking as part of training but it's so slow and takes so long to get done! 

6 to 9km easy running.

I did 8k along my favourite dirt roads incl. 6x80m strides
TE  1.5!  Really?


  1. your friends are your family...

    keep plugging away - walk, jog or's all good for you!

  2. So good to see you on Saturday Norma. I enjoyed the party after the run and that surprising and delicious wombat cake. The camping, ah, that was interesting! Don't think I have the endurance to do more than one night! Hope it's not too long before we see you again.

  3. It was a really, really, really good morning!