Saturday, April 01, 2017

It Worked! ~~~~~

The changes made this week, paid dividends this morning at Bowral parkrun! I'm dead chuffed to have taken 2 minutes off last Saturday's 5km time!  Nowhere near a PB of 33 minutes but a whole lot closer than I've been in weeks.

The changes were swapping my tempo run from Thursday to Tuesday and track on Thursday instead of Tuesday.  That way, I had the easier session towards the end of the week, not the other way around.  Just as importantly, I believe, was getting up at 5:30am, an hour earlier than I normally do, and thus giving myself time to wake up!  This is dedication par excellence because I really, really, really love my warm and comfortable bed! Zzzzz!  It's like a magnet that refuses to let go!

Outside, it was a bed lover's nightmare!  Heavy fog made driving across to Bowral a real worry. Once there, one final step in preparation before the run started at 8:00am sharp :  a 10 minute warm-up easy jog and a few strides ..  all done  ... ready to run!  Forgot to turn off the Garmin at finish! The official result is ........

5km in 37:57

Age Graded 88.41%

TE 2.9
AHR 92%

Avg. Pace 8:08m/k;  VP ran 8:00m/k!

Atop the bleeding hill!

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  1. Well done. Very dedicated! Even the grass on the mowed bit of the bleeding hill looks like and energy sapping.