Sunday, April 16, 2017

To Run or Not to Run? ~~~~

I've been asking myself that question for weeks now, ever since my 5km parkrun times began to spiral downwards and have continued to do so no matter how hard I try and train and wish it wasn't happening.

Today I've come to a showdown with myself!  If in 4 weeks I've made no significent increase in my 5km parkrun times, I'll hang up the runners and close this blog for good! If  running goes so does the blog .... can't have one without the other!  

On the scale of things that really matter this is of no relevance, gravity or even interest to anyone at all except myself.  It'll pass like everything else without much notice, I know, but this is all about me to myself!  I'm giving myself an admonishing warning :  perk up, shape up or shut up the blog and hang up the runners!  I've got 4 weeks in which to do it.  How?  I've no idea!

Starting this week ~~~~~

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