Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Some Long Road Repeats ~~~~

Though it was looking like rain this morning I did as planned regardless .  I drove across to Bowral parkrun course so that I could have a long, uninterrupted stretch on which to run some long repeats.  My program asked for a moderate to hard effort for the repeats and that's what I did not bothering about VP for a change!  3 minutes RI between each.

1.5k warm-up

1.5k mod/hard
12:29  :  8:04m/k
TE 1.6    Minor!

2.5k mod/hard
21:44   :   8:39m/k
TE 2.8  Maintaining

2.5k mod/hard
20:08   :   8:03m/k
TE  2.8 Maintaining

1.5k Mod/hard
12:30    :   8:20m/k 
TE  2.4 Maintaining

1.5k cool-down walking mostly; jogged up grassy hill.
Stretches on grass to finish!

The 2nd 2.5km loop

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