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I've been a keen runner for more than 40 years; member of ACT Veterans Club. Ran my first marathon (of 11 marathons) in 2000 and the NYC Marathon in 2005 where I carried the Australian flag at the "Friendship Run" (photo at left). Have Australian Age Category Records for two 50km Ultra Marathon events, the marathon and half marathon distances; 5000m track race; ACT record for 1 mile. I lived in Sydney with my husband, until we moved to the Southern Highlands in 1995....

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kiss of the Spider Woman.....!

.....there she was waiting for me again............................black dot, just off centre top!

Down she came on her web as I turned on the tap for a drink, posed stunned for a minute for a photo shoot & then quickly

scrambled up the web & on her way back into the spout. I don't know what sort of spider she is, but in case she sprang at me I didn't go in for a real close up!

I'll have to use the other tap - I feel really mean giving the poor thing an unexpected waterslide each morning. I know how I'd feel if I was asleep in my bed & someone came in & hosed me down & out!

Program : 5 - 6km 'easy' run keeping a low heart rate.

And that's exactly what I did : 6km with Avg. HR = 68% of Max. Up to 90% on hills.

A cooler morning after yesterday's 32 degrees; 23 today...just reverse the numbers!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Get On With It.....

.....and I was able to get on with it at Chev track, now that there are 6 lanes marked & that's 6 more than when I was there last.

Program: Usual warm-up, drills, strides.

3 Sets of 4 x 150m in 43-44 seconds with 2:00 minutes recovery between repeats; more between sets.

I had to pace out a distance of 150m, but difficult to do with Mr G-armin who doesn't seem to like going round in circles! I got a slightly different distance several times going backwards & forwards over the same section - so, completely accurate it is NOT! Hot it was - 32 degrees; strong breeze for a headwind.

Set 1. 43.9; 42.0; 41.7; 41.5

Set 2. 42.7; 42.9; 43.5; 42.6

Set 3. 43.6; 43.0; 43.8; 43.4

......all within the specified range, but slower than the previous same session. Oh well, I'll catch up some other time. Except I was forgetting : "time flies"!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Back From the Dead.........!

......awake and back on the road!

Program : 5-6km 'easy' run @ low heart rate.

I ran easily for 6km along Diamond Fields Road this morning : first run in just over a week. HR = 70-80% of MHR.

All the little niggles have gone & I enjoyed the run - and that was something I was forgetting to do & the reason I took time out.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Nothing to Lose........

..... taking a week or two doing some easy low heart rate "run as I feel days".

Blogging 'out' till there's something to write about!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Incey Wincey Spider......

...........there he was coming down the water spout just as I cupped my hands for a drink!

There was a heavy mist over the area this morning when I started out, late as usual, & then became very hot as the sun broke through. On the way back I stopped to drink from a tap in the "Old Historic Cemetery" in Diamond Fields Road. Lo & behold, another Incey Wincey was waiting to exit the spout, but this spider unlike the one who lives in another tap, clung onto the waterfall. I didn't want to drown him so I turned the tap off , Incey Wincey ran back up the water spout & I left as dry mouthed as I'd arrived. So, don't drink from taps before testing for spiders!

Program: Medium Long Run. Start with 60 minutes & increase by 10 minutes each week until 1 hour 30 minutes is reached. Low Heart Rate.

Easy run for exactly 60 minutes & then walked about 1km back to the car.
Distance = 7km. Avg. HR = 70% of Max. 109-130bpm.......higher on hills:

No problems with hamstring niggle; had it taped; icing & gentle stretching during the day.

Tomorrow - NOTHING!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Planet of the Apes.....

....All that was missing were the apes & I'd have thought I was on another planet!

I decided to take Mr G-armin on a course he'd never experienced before : a trail bike course that some of the local youngsters & their dads have cleared & dug out in an area of bushland about 1km from home. Great job they've made of it too!



I walked to the start of the trail & followed it as it wove its tortuous way through the bush. I did NOT pretend I was on a bike & fly up, down & over those huge craters! What fun it must be though...on a trail bike!

Having jogged comfortably there, I left by taking a rolling dive - just like the commandos do in the movies! - under a barbed wire fence & into the paddock where I walk the dogs.. Here, I followed the narrow cattle track to the top of the paddock & to the water trough where the cattle come to drink. I did NOT pretend I was a cow & drink though my tongue, like theirs, was hanging out for water!

Around the corner into Bong Bong Road, there's a tap on the nature strip - big drink & lots of face splashing. Here it's always a good idea to let the tap run for a while before drinking - on some earlier run I remember turning it on, cupping my hands & down the spout came a dirty big spider!

Program : 5 to 6 km max., easy run - low heart rate.

I stopped jogging at 6km & walked the last 1km home. Before starting, I taped the top of my left hamstring & didn't have any pain during the run, but now I haven't the courage to rip the sports tape off - I'm sure I would get no thrill at all from having it torn from the top of my leg & half of my butt...etc....etc....!! It's a case now of which falls of first : the strapping or my leg!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Left Foot...........

........My left LEG really! I couldn't finish today's session : a sore hamstring right at the very top of my left leg. I suppose that's where hamstrings are : right on the edge of the butt. Whatever it's called, it was painful & I stopped the session & iced it when I got home. Feels OK now, but has been a bit niggly for the past 2 weeks.

Program : Chev Track ...after the usual warm-up etc..

3 Sets of 4 x 150m in 40 -41 seconds. walk back recovery between 150s; full recovery between sets.

I did 2 Sets of 4 x 150m (each one with a limping start - seconds lost!), so the times were bad:

49.7; 46.1; 44.9; 44.3
45.7; 45.2; 47.0; 47.0

I'll need to monitor my sore left leg....one session at a time!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Stiff Upper Lips.....

.......stiff lips? They were about the only part that wasn't stiff when I set off on today's very easy run. Surprising after 2 days rest; however we do what we have to do no matter what!

Program : 5 to 6 km very easy run....low heart rate.

I jogged easily for 6km along Diamond Fields Road & felt as stiff as a board all the way!

Stopped to have a short chat with one of the property owners who had recently been on a climb to Mt Everest base camp. His next venture is a walk in Mongolia & later this year, 20 days walk in Germany following the Rhine & wine routes...... The latter sounds good to me!

Tomorrow - back to the track. Here we go again, happy as can be......

Saturday, January 13, 2007

In My Next Life......

...In another life I want to be a bug!

I'm sure some of them are impervious to heat, but this old chickybabe isn't!

The Program: 800m race, AIS Track, ACTVAC, Canberra, 11th January.

This was an attempt at the 800m National Record, W75-79. I missed the record, but managed to come up with a PB of 15 seconds for that distance. I'm more than thrilled with that result!

Conditions on the night were pretty awful : 38 degrees at 7:00 p.m....that's why I want to come back as a bug, have another crack at the record & just fly around the track & not be affected by the weather!

I felt like I was about to die when I finished : legs lactic, lungs bursting, throat on fire & coughing like a consumptive! I've had that coughing/about to throw up feeling after 800m before. It's not very nice & what's worse, it lasts for several hours. ....unable to stop coughing! Strange or natural?

It'll take all of this weekend for my body to cool down & freshen up to begin some training next week, so I'll continue to watch tennis & just enjoy the break.

A great 2 days in Canberra : thanks to Flash Duck, AKI, Strewth, PRB & Ewen in particular & all whom I met at the track who as usual always make me feel so welcome.

A very special "thank you" to all my Blogging friends here, who left comments of support - when I read them I got quite a big lump in my throat! Now I wonder what that could be caused by!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Track 29.......?

......I couldn't find any lanes at all on Chev's track this morning. The grass had been cut & all the lanes had disappeared!

Lurching around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, I found traces of white & set about measuring (how accurately?) a start & a finish for :

Program: 4 x 150m @ 800m pace from a running start.

5 x 50m @ 800m pace from a standing start.

I marked a start & a finish but with no lane to run in there were a few inconsistencies both in times & distances.

150m repeats in 45 seconds; 50m repeats in 15 seconds.

This session may have been a waste of time......time will tell!

Drive to Canberra tomorrow, Wednesday; ACTVAC Thursday night & return to Mittagong on Friday.

Monday, January 08, 2007

A Day Off......

Pilates DVD & watched the tennis!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

One Sunday Afternoon.......

.....after a friendly 'chat' with this young fellow, I was at nearby Renwick soccer field to do some 100m pace practice.

Program : Changed from the usual long run to running some 100m (30 seconds) & 50m (15 seconds) at a smooth, even pace; some to start from stationary & others from a running (10-15m) start.

This session was my idea. Ewen's response when I suggested it was : "You are smarter than you look!"
I could hardly argue against that!

I did LOTS of these in the given times; took rest breaks after each 4 & during the rain showers; stopped when my legs began to feel very tired, but probably only ran 2 or 3 km all together. This session was in preparation for ACTVAC 800m, next Thursday night, AIS track.

Said good-bye to the little calf & went home for a nana nap!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I Meant to Slay the Tyrant......

......but this time he won & I lost by just a few seconds!

Program: 800m Time Trial...on the 1500m road course in Bowral.

Usual warm-up, drills & strides.

I had Virtual Partner set to run the 800m in 4:10 but secretly intending to outrun him & finish in 4:05. These tactics will have to change as V.P is now fully aware of this strategy.

My Time = 4:12. I started out just a bit too fast & wobbled the last 100m!


Still......there's always another day! Virtual Partner.....

Thursday, January 04, 2007

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.........

.......but not so sure when I saw 'the grass was as high as an elephant's eye' at Chev Track this morning....and wet. I'll have to write to the School Board to get my oval mowed!

Program: Medium Speed.

Warm-up 2km. Few drills. 3xStrides.

2 Sets of 5 x 150m 'hard' : 38-40 seconds.

2:20 between repeats & 5-7 mins. between Sets. 800m Warm-down.

Set 1. 41.8; 39.9; 38.7; 39.0; 38.8

Set 2. 40.0; 38.7; 38.7; 38.9; 38.6

Conditions considered, these times were OK ...... for someone being chased by "Father Time"!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Leap Into 2007.......

..........began today! It was to have been a track session at Chev but torrential rains put an end to that one. Instead, I "stole" a training session from Ewen's blog, but had to use the gym treadmill. I think it worked quite well...we'll see/hear later!

Program: 5km Time Trial.

Warm-up : 2km; no drills or strides.......Oooops! Here comes trouble with a capital "T"!

Warm-down : 1km jog/walk

Time = 31:02

Max. HR = 94%/145bpm; Avg. HR = 85%/ 132bpm; Lowest HR = 47%/73bpm (according to Mr G-armin).

I'd forgotten to look at the handboodk to see if Mr G-armin needed anything special in order to work indoors & on a treadmill. As a result, for whatever reasons, he didn't give me the splits for each km; a bit annoying because I wanted to compare mine with Ewen's! I think I would have been faster, but suppose I should check it out to make sure!!

Edit: Courtesy of Ewen : On the treadmill I wasn't moving.... I was running on the spot. I just didn't think of that! No wonder Mr G-armin didn't perform as expected & Ewen was subtle enough to suggest that the my new streaky hairdo might be getting to me!

Monday, January 01, 2007