Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Melbourne Half Marathon

Back home late yesterday afternoon after almost a full day of travelling! Worth it though : I had a great run, as the official results now show, in spite of feeling like I couldn't get into any sort of running rhythm for nearly all of the first 10km!

The course is such a scenic one; the weather was perfect; volunteers & crowd support a huge help especially in those last few kilometres. Running a lap of the MCG still gives me goose bumps! I wore the same "Skirtsports" bright pink top & multi-coloured patterned skirt as for Blackmores half last month. Stands out in a crowd that's for sure!

Results :

Time 2:25:38 (6 minutes better than last year's time!)

1st half 1:17:25; 2nd half 1:08:28
5km splits: 36:14; 35:19; 33:40; 32:34 + (7:03)

AHR 130 (82%); MHR 157 (99%)!

There were 6 runners in my age category 75+ (3 males & 3 females.) Allowing for a brief personal boast, the time for each of these was:-

2:19:20 (male, Japanese)
2:25:38 (female...me!)
2:30:26 (male)
2:45:16 (male)
4:05:49 (female)
4:05:50 (female)

Pleased to see that I made it up there with the boys!

This was the last of the 'big' events for this year and for each one of these I have been able to improve by 5 to 7 minutes on the same events run during 2007 and 2008! I can close the year off happy with that!

I found time whilst in Melbourne to spend a few hours at the exhibition "A Day in Pompeii"...fabulous! I'd intended seeing the Dali exhibition also, but it had closed.

Excellent weekend!


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  2. A just reward for all the effort, travellling, training, now back to the track to show those girls your medal.

  3. Well done Norma. Good training lead to a good race. I bet that japanese man was running for his life with the lucky legs approaching.

  4. Congratulations LL! What great year you have had. You have every right to boast. Well done.

  5. Woo hoo - such a fantastic result LL - you are indeed a star! What a wonderful weekend it sounds.

  6. You are boringly good. How dare you thrash all those youngsters in your age-group and make them look silly!

    Love the map of Melbourne - a bit different to Mittagong!

  7. LL, you are extraordinary!

    Congratulations on ANOTHER brilliant result.


  8. What a fantastic run with a huge negative split as well. It is a great achievement to be able to do better times than two or three years ago, as well as beating the fellas.

    And that MCG finish is terrfic isn't it.