Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Running with a Partner...

.....Garmin's Virtual Partner actually! I did today's training on the track at Chev College. A very hot day. I wanted to see if I could stay with or just ahead of Virtual Partner for 4km to finish in 26:45 (i.e. approx 6:40 pace).

Knowing I had competition, I charged off like a bull in a china shop when I saw the bottom half of the screen all black which meant that VP was ahead! Within seconds that changed to white and I almost came to a skidding halt and applied the brakes! For the next 2km I stayed about 30m ahead and then slowed down to around 6m in front, to finish 4km comfortably in 26:40. VP sure puts the pressure on! I'm thinking of running with him for the SMC 10km race on Sunday.

Chev Track:

3km warm-up
Drills & strides

4km in 26:40
AHR 129 (82%); MHR 136 (86%)

Distance today 7km


  1. You are doing so well LL ...
    But I know you do mostly your own training and sometimes Ewen's, but who is this "toady"?
    It would be good if I could pin him down, as he sometimes sneaks into my blog too.
    Perhaps he's another goof coach like Ewen.

  2. Thanks for the correction, speedygeoff!

    Explanation for speedygeoff's comment: (I had typed 'toady' instead of 'today')

    "Toady" always comes to the track with me to keep an eye on Ewen's spies!

  3. Thanks Speedygeoff. She's usually spot-on with spelling and grammar (being a retired English teacher). Her maths is notoriously horrible though.

    My spies tell me poor Virtual Partner is not going to play anymore - he's sick of continually being thrashed by a superior athlete.