Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bowral Parkrun #3 ~~~~~

What a mess I made of this one!  Got to "The Briars" in good time to do a warm-up only to find that I'd left my bar code at home!!  About turn, roared home 'real fast' (!) and roared back 'really, really fast'! Ran to the start, no one in sight, just a blur of colour in the far distance of the walkers and mums with strollers.  Undaunted, and swearing like a trooper, I clicked the Garmin and set off in hot pursuit.  The only runners I met were those on the return leg!

I was, still am, absolutely furious with myself!  It was the first of these three park runs that I didn't  feel I needed a walk break and even ran the 500m hill at the finish! As as result I have two times : the Garmin and the official :  37:25 and 39:29 respectively!  The official, of course, stands but I can't wait till next Saturday to remedy this!

Parkrun Bowral #3:

Time : 39:29;    78.13%;  72 Points...making a total of 197 points.

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