Sunday, October 19, 2014

Long Run ~~~~~

A very warm day with plenty of sunshine and slight breeze, so the only way to spend such a beautiful morning was with an easy run along shady Diamond Fields Road.  As usual, there was no one but me on the road, which was, for the most part, in good condition.

I think Bowral parkrun could become an obsession of mine!  I look forward to it from one Saturday to the next and, keeping in mind how the last 500m is a slow uphill struggle for me anyhow, I decided this morning to do something about it.  Diamond Fields Road has some very nice steep hills and long inclines and my decision was that I would run each hill twice on the way out and again on the return!

And I did!  As I approached a hill, I took a deep breath into my big beautiful lungs (as I've recently had them called!) and charged to the top!  Jog/walk down, another big breath into the same big beautiful lungs and another recharge up!  I did this three times on the way out and three times on the return.

Marvelous what you can do when your mind is made up to do something!  Usually I moan and groan, head down, shoulders slumped as I jog and walk these very same hills, but not today :  head up, knees high, arms pumping .......parkrun is only six days away and I'm going to kill that 500m hill towards the finish!  I will NOT let it beat me next Saturday!  See what I mean by "obsessive" about this parkrun thing?

Today:  9.5km (didn't worry about time or pace, just distance and hills)



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