Sunday, October 26, 2014

Longish Run ~~~~

Can hardly call any run I do as "long" these days, so "longish" or "longer" seems more accurate.  A warm and windy morning.  I used Diamond Fields Road again, but ran the hills and long inclines only once, not twice as I did last week; walked quite a bit where the road was strewn with rocks and stones, making sure that my none too fresh feet didn't trip and find myself doing a 'face-plant'!

I turned off  D.F. Road when I got to about 4km and went straight uphill to Diamond Creek Wines Estate....not for a tasting which would have been very nice, but because it added another hill and it was years since I'd been there.  That added another 500m until I came to the gate of a private property.  I took a couple of pics of this section and began the return run.

Diamond Fields Rd to the left.  Straight ahead to Diamond Creek Wines!

Today : 9km
Worked on the hills
Some walking
AHR 77%;   MHR  94%
TE 4 =  'Maintaining'

9km..Diamond Fields Road.

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