Friday, October 17, 2014

This Is Becoming Embarrassing! ~~~~~

For about an hour today I had a lung capacity test and I nearly blew the machine and nurse/technician out of the room!!  I've never had this test before, just like the stress test on Tuesday..a first for both.

So.... I had to breathe in and out; pant with air passage blocked, hold my breath for ? seconds; blow hard and fast; slow and normal and every which way into a machine with tubes all over the place and......with a peg on my nose! And do every test 3 times sitting in a closed cubicle!

Well, I blew and I blew till I almost blew the hospital down!  The scales went way off the radar for every test and I think the technician was getting worried that the equipment might have to be replaced after I'd finished!  I can't remember what each different test was for, but one was for lung capacity; oxygen, carbon dioxide; measuring how much air is still left in the lungs after a hard expulsion; signs of asthma and others too technical for me to understand.

To say the nurse was gobsmacked is an understatement! She said she hadn't seen lungs like mine or such results in anyone even near my age, and brought another technician in to show the results,   In fact she said I had the lungs of an extremely fit 20 year old! She checked and rechecked telling me they were well satisfied if patients got to 80-100%. Mine 'blew' off the scale to somewhere at 170%!  The nurse told me she was 34 and my results were far better than hers!

I left there with a very big smile on my face and that's the last of the tests my GP wanted done.  All these good results make me think maybe I'm going to be the first person to escape mortality!

And now, for parkrun tomorrow!

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