Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bowral Parkrun #5,,,,,,,,, and another PB!

Last Saturday my time was 36:38, so I set VP at 7:18m/k to get me to the finish in 36:30 hopefully and with that improvement I would be satisfied.....for now!  At right on 8:00am, 71 runners set off down the 500m grassy hill....the same one we run UP at the finish!

The morning was very hot and I really didn't expect to stay ahead of VP at all......but I did and no one was more surprised then I was!  Here are the results :

Time : 36:16
Avg. Pace : 7:14
AHR 129 (90%);   MHR 141 (99%)!
TE 4 =  Highly Improving!
Splits :  6:54;     7:03;     7:13;     7:14;     7:45...uphill!
Place : 42 out of 71;  18th female.

....and.....Age Graded  .......85.06%...was I thrilled or was I thrilled?   You bet I was!

Now, if I can just nibble away, bit by bit, at that 16 seconds!

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