Friday, April 13, 2007

A Cross Country Warm-up....

.......with school holidays, no one around at Chev so I used its vast grounds for a cross country style of warm-up!
Program: 35 minutes warm-up away from the track.
Drills & strides.
2 Sets of 6 x 150m (43 seconds for each 150m): 2 minutes between each 150m & 6-8 between sets.
Brisk walk warm-down.
For the warm-up, I followed the course of a cross country event that had been held in Chev grounds a couple of weekends not good as there was a lot of cloud cover...the course took me all through the campus...beyond the trees, buildings, fields etc. & back to the track.
Set 1. 42.97; 42.94; 41.48; 42.02; 41.65; 43.05
Set 2. 42.29; 43.09; 41.53; 42.44; 41.07; 39.99 !!!!!!!!!!
On such a beautiful day it was impossible not to enjoy training...even though it wasn't all that easy!

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