Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Long & Muddy Run....

....had I known the new lane added only 1km to the run, I never would have ventured into these woods! Only thick, wet clay awaited me, slippery as ice & it stuck to my shoes adding about 1kg in weight to each one until I could get to a tap to wash it off!

Program : 110 minutes run.

What should have been 110 minutes became a total of 125 minutes which included wading through mud, trying not to slip & then scraping some of the clay from my shoes to lighten the weight for the return leg!! Nevertheless, I did enjoy the morning!

Running time = 114 minutes. Avg. HR = 102 (66%); Max. HR = 132 (85%). 14km.


  1. Don't you need rain to create mud? Send it over here!

  2. Maybe you should have left the mud on your boots - think of it as strength training... :-)