Sunday, April 15, 2007

An 'Easy' Run.....that was hard!

....Range Road again to use a bitumen surface for the 'long' run. Beautiful morning, but I felt like I was running after having already run a sympathy with those running the Canberra Marathon!

Program : 90 minutes 'easy' run.

From the very first steps this was an ugly run - I just felt awful for every minute out & the same coming back. Walked the hills, but don't know why I found this run so difficult. Just as well I wasn't doing the marathon in Canberra today!


  1. Maybe you have been having too much of a good time this weekend :)

    Thanks for your support with my little race.

    Cheers, AK

    ps. introduced myself to Ewen.

  2. We missed you in Canberra yesterday LL. Several people commented that it didn't seem the same without you.

  3. Yes, we missed you. It was perfect motorcycling weather!

    Now I know who the famous Ironman, Aunty K is! Thanks AK.