Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Wind Cannot Read......

.....what is going on in my mind & neither does it help me to run when it's a headwind no matter what direction I run in! I also seem to run for a very long time but never get very far!

This morning on Range Road was a shocker : strong wind, a few light showers & of course, the inevitable hills. Above, but in the dark, is the hill leading down to the little old church at Glenquarry where I haven't been for a long time. Took a photo of the tank with no water & the old "dunnie" at the rear of the church!

Just as I struggled to the top of the hill on the way back, a group of cyclists sped past while I'd stopped to change the Garmin's setting so that I could see "Pace" & try for half marathon pace for the rest of the run, I heard one of them call out : Luckylegs!" They were gone before I could reply & was so surprised to have been recognized that I forgot to reset the timer! It was about another 1km before I "woke up"! So cross with myself!

Program : 110 minutes run.

Approx. Run Time = 115 minutes; 15km. I think, with a slight negative split but can't be sure & can't be bothered trying to work it out on Motion Based! Anyhow, I know I tried to run harder on the return leg & I was all but 'done in' by the wind & hills by the time I got back to the car.


  1. I know what you mean about the wind. It always seems to be a headwind. I'm sure you ran much harder on the way back!

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  3. mpluss said...

    HI Norma,

    I have been doing some research for you on who called out to you on your run. I contacted Bernard about the bike rides. he rides on a Sunday morning and there are a number of groups.

    I quote the flow of the emails:

    The cheesecake group went out Kangaloon rd and onto the tourist road yesterday so it was probably those guys. They were a much reduced group yesterday - apparently only half a doz or so - as there were a few who didn't ride out of respect and a few were racing at the tour
    of canberra.

    On 29/04/2007, at 4:24 PM, Martin Pluss wrote:


    This was on Lucky Leg's blog � was it your group?

    "Who was the Cool Runner cycling in a group down the hill on Range
    Road to Glenquarry this morning? As they sped past, one of them
    called out : "Luckylegs!"


    The "out of respect " comment is about the Year 10 Chev boy who was with mates out riding and got hit by a car and killed at the McDonalds Corner on Friday arvo 5:00pm.

    cheers Martin

  4. I know that tank! It's at the bottom of a very big hill.