Friday, April 20, 2007


.......I needed plenty of that to finish today's training at Chev.....

Program : 18 - 23 minutes warm up. Stretches, Strides.

4 x 2 laps inside the oval fence @ half marathon pace.
Second lap faster than first lap.

3 - 4 minutes between each 2 laps. Brisk walk warm down.

This translates to approx. 4 x 900m. Fairly uneven surface, some muddy patches & paspalum grass.

A pitiless punishing session created by a cunning coach in order to unsettle my comfort zone!

Warm Up : 24 minutes in & around, up & over the grounds at Chev.....the Chapel (above). The warm up :

A Few drills & 4 strides.

Set 1 ...Lap 1 : 2:48; Lap 2 : 2:52 = 5:44
Set 2....Lap 1 : 3:14; Lap 2 : 2:52 = 6:07
Set 3....Lap 1 : 3:06; Lap 2 : 2:47 = 5:55
Set 4....Lap 1 : 2:52; Lap 2 : 2:45 = 5:39


  1. I was persuading a neophyte runner at work to come and spectate at the SMH half (aiming to inspire him), and the two big drawcards were to see the elites come home in 62 minutes, and to see the great Norma Wallett in action! Not sure, but I think I sold him :-)

    Looks like it's going well for you, even if the big black birds look like they're doing it easier then we do down here.


  2. Beware of the Cunning Coach. Those pitiless punishing sessions sound positively awful LL. However, you seem to have come through them very well. I am sure the Cining Coach has your best interestes at heart. It is all good for you :-)

  3. That is meant to be Cunning not cining (maybe I had Sinning in mind). I am a shocking typist and am usually so keen to hit the publish button I forget to check what I have typed.