Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Oh, What a Beautiful Day.....!

....a view from Diamond Fields Road looking up to where Range Road lies beyond them there hills. These days are just so perfect!

Program: 80 minutes easy, low HR Run.

40 minutes out, rest for about 2 minutes & 38 minutes back so, to make 80 minutes I jogged in the soccer field near which I'd left the car.

Avg. HR = 102bpm (66%); Max. HR = 133bpm (86%)....always higher on the hills.

Today's run was twice the time of yesterday's & yet it felt much easier! Can't quite work that one out!


  1. Maybe it's that today's run was the day after a 40 minute run instead of being the day after a 70 minute run?

    Maybe you've improved leaps and bounds in 24 hours.

    Whatever it is, don't you love it when you get out and have a nice, easy long run?

  2. Lovely pics LL! That top one looks like its should be a postcard.

    Great run. Don't you love it when running feels 'easy'!

  3. You sure seem to live in the best part of Australia. Around Mittagong NSW right?? I was there with the CFA during the 2000 summer bushfire campaign.

  4. You really do have some wonderfully scenic runs LLegs.

    I just have skyscrapers :(