Friday, April 06, 2007

Chev Track....

..on a bleak, windy, wet, Good Friday!

Program : 3 x 2 laps inside the oval fence (i.e. approx. 3 x 900m); 6 minute recovery after each 2 laps.

Each lap 450m approx. as there was no lane to run in at the 900m for 2 laps measured by Mr G-armin.
1 x 900m = 5:30
1 x 900m = 5:25
1 x 900m = 5:18

I walked around for 6 minutes between each 900m : it was not a nice day & running into a strong headwind is no fun! Slight rain, almost like sleet. Anyhow, it's another session done!


  1. Each rep faster and faster, well done!

  2. Those are pretty good times LL. A good strong session. The coach will be pleased.

  3. Those are impressive reps if you ask me. You are certainly running out of sight these days. I will be thinking of our epic this weekend when I return to Canberra.

  4. Very goof! I think your speed is sufficient to put in a late entry for Canberra and run with Horrie's 3hr 45min group :)

    P.S. nice to see lanes on the track again. Keep your can of paint handy!