Friday, April 27, 2007

Chev Track.......without any lanes!

No lanes marked at all now, just one very narrow lane probably outside where lane 8 should be has been mowed as a guide line I suppose for anyone wanting to use the track....seems like that's me! The rest of the field is uncut grass & wet today after all the rain. Shoes & socks soaked by the finish of the session. A good day for track though : cool, no sun & no wind.

Program: 18 - 23 minutes XC warm-up through Chev grounds.

Stretches, Drills & 5 Strides.

6 x 400m in 2:25 to 2:30.....2:30 recoveries.

I ran for 25 minutes through Chev grounds, only once tripping on a tree root & crashing to my knees! Just a minor scraping & up & on my way in a flash!

As usual I did the first 400m way too fast...terrified I might go over 2:30 minutes! Ewen said : "Bloody hell! Were you trying to break a record?"

2:18.1; 2:26.3; 2:22.5; 2:28.7; 2:29.3; 2:22.1

I was surprised that this session felt so hard. I think going out too fast for the first 400m possibly had some effect on the ones that followed. Live & keep on learning!

Today I booked flights & sent entry form in on line for Gold Coast Half Marathon! I'm so excited to be going back this year...and NOT be doing the Marathon again!

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  1. Yay - Gold Coast!!!! Looking forward to catching up again.

    Doing the half is a good idea. So much less pressure. And it means you can join in the cheer squad later :-)