Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bush Capital 16km Run

I had a "brilliant" run! So says Ewen & I'm not going to argue about that! I really loved the course - the rocky goat track downhills - the magnificient views from Mt Ainslie & even the long hills most of which I walked. To make up time lost I raced the downhills like a demon possessed & even passed a few tired runners towards the end.

A perfect morning: sunny & warm with a cool breeze. I waved off the marathon & ultra runners - Eagle, Horrie, Blue Dog - from the top of the first rise & then walked back to wait for the start of the 16km at 9:00a.m.

Time = 2:04:03; Avg. Pace 7.5; Max. 4:33.

With 2km to the finish, as I turned a bend on the track, there was Ewen who had run back after finishing the 16km himself & with him I hit 4:33 pace downhill all the way to the finish line! Felt great after the run & no stiffness at all tonight.

Great to chat with Bernie G, Tuggeranong Don, Peter, Rad & others before lunch at Dickson with Ewen & AKI, then driving back to Mittagong armed with a can of "V" to sip while driving to ward off the fatigue that was setting in!

In short : I felt very pleased with myself today!

A special thanks to John Harding & his band of "followers" who did such an excellent job in organizing several events (4?) all on the same morning. & the blue Jaggad Coolmax top & mug for each finisher...thank you all!


  1. Wish I could have been there! Sounds like a wonderful day.

  2. As always it was great to see you again yesterday Norma. I was also really pleased that I had the chance to introduce you to a couple of my close buddies from my Saturday running group.

    You're a Queen of the technology as well as running aren't you? Your picture did a very nice job of scoping the terrain for Saturday's run.

    I would like to be able to say I am not sore like you but unfortunately I am very sore after yesterday's run. I also think I might have a slight hamstring strain.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed my run yesterday. A top day. Rest tomorrow for me.

  3. You were smoking Chickybabe. Pulling out a 4:33 km is fantastic. You are losing your reputation for not being able to run of sight.

  4. Congrats on a great run LL!

    That must have been a good feeling hitting 4:33 pace. Not sure if I'd be game to fly down rocky goat tracks like that!

  5. LL - i'm very proud of you!!

    A great run & some great gear you have scored.


  6. I think young Rad is only just now recovering from the shock of being out-sprinted at the end.

    I like that Google Earth map - what a great place to run :)