Monday, July 02, 2007

Time is not on my side.....

....this daffodil had enough of winter & decided to flower all on its own....a lesson in spunk & gameness?

"Thank you" doesn't get anywhere near what I feel in my heart for the sensitivity you've all shown in view of the Virgin Blue/Gold Coast debacle...but I can still only say "Thank you"!

Time is 'running' against me so I need to take for better or for worse whatever I can do with the time remaining to me...... and I need no ghost to tell me that! Away with the notion that I will never run again! I've sent off a complaint to Virgin Airlines & will relate here what reply I receive...hopefully there'll be one!

I've entered & will run City to Surf & Blackmores Half Marathon & there are some others to think about but not entered as yet. I've pretty well decided though to 'go south' & enter the Melbourne Half Marathon....a little thought is playing with the idea of doing the Marathon....there's time to prepare for it...I'll have to think some more about that one.

So....time to pick myself up, dust myself off, take the bull by the horns & start all over again!


  1. I'm so glad to hear it LL. And all that hard work and training hasn't gone to waste - it's all still waiting there in the bank for you.

    I'm sorry Qld has let you down so badly for the second time :(

  2. I'm so sorry to hear what has happened to you, but doubly pleased to hear that you have bounced back with such good grace as usual and are planning your revenge :) Take care of yourself and enjoy those runs!

  3. I had the wonderful pleasure of running with cato and he was devastated you were not there.

    Your spirit and enthusiasm to get back up again is inspiring Lucky Legs. I am so proud of you and as for the Marathon in Melbourne - go for it!!! As you said - lifes too short!

  4. Hmmmm rightly so you were upset & angry!!!

    Look forward to possibly meeting you here in Melbourne in Oct.

  5. That's our girl! Already planning for future events :)


    ps. I'm very curious about the response you receive from the airline... keep us posted.

  6. "time may not be on your side" but sheer guts and determination is.

    See you at c2s.


  7. I reckon that Bull must be getting pretty sore horns by now! Don't let go :-)

    See you at C2S & Blackmores. If you want to stay up in Sydney afterwards to socialise, we (and many others I'm sure) would love to have you stay.


  8. Wish I had a dollar for everyone that said they wished you were at the GC and it didn't seem the same. I'd be able to buy Virgin out :)

    Hmmm, looks like we could both be scheming to run the same races - C2S, Sydney Half, Melbourne Marathon.