Friday, July 13, 2007

Track or Treadmill?

I chose the treadmill. It wasn't raining but it was of 8 degrees, but I doubt that it reached that.

Program : Treadmill... 5 - 10 minutes warm-up.
Increase speed over next 4-5 minutes till heart rate reaches 126. Stay at this heart rate for as long as possible or 45 minutes. HR not over 126, not below 123.
This was OK: over 4 minutes treadmill speed increased to 10kph for heart rate to reach 126. Needed to drop back to 9.8kph to stay within range 123 - 126. I kept within these limits for another 40 minutes & when my T-shirt became completely soaked with sweat, it was time to stop! Small can of creamed rice about 2 hours before fuel my fuel-starved legs! I'll experiment with some other food before Sunday's 24km run.

Time = 50 minutes. Distance = 8.1km. Wore new Nike Free #3.
Resting heart rate = 48 bpm.


  1. You really are a fit young thing - I doubt that my HR would stay so well behaved at that pace for 40 minutes!

  2. Nice work out Norma and a can of rice cream is a good way to start it.