Thursday, July 19, 2007

Global Warming?

No sign of here right now! Until the temperature gets near to 8 degrees I'm off to the gym each day. I took a rest day yesterday - it should have been a mid-week long run - but I was still so knocked about from Tuesday's cold winds, I changed sessions around & did the long run the gym.....on the treadmill.

Program : Medium Long Run, anywhere between 14 & 23km.

On the treadmill : 20km. After each 5km I walked around the gym for about a minute to relieve the monotony. Heart rate between 106 -122bpm (70-80% of Max.). Used inclines but only up to 3%.

I don't find it all that easy doing such a long run on the treadmill, but it felt good running without being rugged up in full battle gear & getting a sweat up was a change from brushing off the icicles!.


  1. Oh my Goodness LL - you managed 20km on the dreadmill?????????

    I'm in awe! I don't think I could manage even 2k without going nuts these days - do you get funny looks from everyone at the gym?


  2. LL - i'm soooo impressed you could spend that much time on a treadmill. I couldn't do it cause i'd go MAD!!!

    I'm finding that swimming has become my favourite alternative to running at the moment. I think because it is lovely and warm in the water, i'm in a indoor pool and I get a good session done that makes me feel very satisfied at the end.

    I shall think of you running in that chilly temperature... stay rugged up.


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  4. 20k's on the treadmill doesn't surprise me Norma as I have long come to expect super human efforts from you that the rest of us can only aspire - poorly! - to ever achieving.

    Interesting point you have made about global warming. We are having one of our colder winters in Canberra. It is one of our old fashioned ones with lots of cold, frosty mornings. Judging by the comments I am hearing from you and connections in Brisbane and Sydney we in Canberra are obviously pumping that cold air northwards. Enjoy it while it lasts!!

  5. I'll tell you what makes it easier. I don't think of having to do 20km on the treadmill...I too would go nuts, sekhmet! I don't think 20km, but just 5km at a time so that after each 1x5km I say to myself: "Yeah, I can do that again!" Breaks it up nicely & sanity restored!

  6. So it wasn't so hard? Perhaps 35k on the treaddy will toughen you up?