Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Medium Long Run....!

Ewen's.....right! My legs lacked fuel for this morning's long run.

Program : Medium Long Run between 14 and 23km.

11:00a.m start: cold, misty rain & the usual wind. Range Road to Glenquarry &, for a change, instead of turning left to go down Tourist Pass, I turned right. That took me to Kangaloon Road which I followed out & down to the Wingecarribee Reservoir. In good weather, a very pleasant picnic spot, but today deserted & decidedly grey & cold.

That took care of 11km with plenty of hills & long inclines. On the way back, my legs died & that's where I think Ewen 'hit the nail on the head' - insufficient fuel in the legs for a long run. The usual is a cup of coffee. On Ewen's recommendation, I'll try some carb, low GI food before starting out, experimenting first on the shorter runs. I'll look up some of the Cool Running Ultra Running threads for further information & see what people are eating. I do not want 'dead legs' again!

Distance : 21.07kms.
Avg. HR = 106. Max HR = 148

Resting heart rate (on waking at 6:45a.m.) 46bpm.

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  1. My goodness...I am surprised you got by on a cup of coffee, LLs, although they do say caffeine does delay the onset of fatigue.