Sunday, July 22, 2007

In Full Battle Gear.......

..... (1) 1 sleeveless thermal vest (2) 1 long sleeve thermal vest (3) Long thermal tights under long tights (4) 1 old C2S sweat top (5) 1 lightweight wind jacket (6) Woollen gloves (7) Woollen cap.....I was rehearsing for next Saturday in Canberra.

9:30am start.... 12 degrees, warm & still, not a leaf stirred on any tree, not a blade of grass moved....but I didn't know that until I started to run.

Program : 28km run, low heart rate.

The plan was to do two 14km loops out & back to the car. Back at the car after the first 14km, I decided to strip off all the thermal 'battle gear'...I definitely didn't need it. Now, a person can be on this road for hours & not see a car but, wouldn't you know.....just as I stripped down to wearing only a heart rate monitor strap....a car went by! I listened, while enjoying the cool air on my skin, for any ensuing screech of brakes or sudden crash, there was none but.... was that a video camera I saw out the window?! Luckily there wasn't gang of gawking bikers going by!

You'd think, carrying less gear, I'd have found the 2nd 14km easier, but I didn't. In fact I walked most of the last 7km to the car with very little energy left in the legs....I don't know what's the matter with them lately.

About 1 or 2 km to go I stopped to drink from a tap near the road on one of the properties & then set off walking again. At the same time the husband & wife owners of the property had pulled into their driveway & could see I was walking. To my surprise the lady got out of the car & waited for me to come by because her husband had said : "There must be something wrong. She's walking and she never walks. We'd better see what's wrong!" They wanted to give me a lift back to the car...that's how bad I must have looked! I have no idea who they were & had never seen them before but how good is it to know that such thoughtful people are looking out for me!

So that was the long Sunday run finished, in poor style I have to say!

I'm going to Sydney tomorrow, Monday, to have lunch with friends....that should perk me up a bit!


  1. What an eventful long run! You won't forget that one for a while.

  2. I'm actually very happy to hear that a couple of lovely people offered you assistance if you needed it.

    Take it easy LL and enjoy your lunch on Monday.


  3. It's amazing isn't that people do tend to notice us out running, especially when we establish a routine while doing so.

    Coming to Canberra this Saturday - Bush capital marathon I assume? Looking forward to seeing you there LLs.