Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Weather...It Keeps Getting Worse!

..........a colder day I don't even want to think about!

Program : 7 - 10km.

I wanted to do tomorrow's longer run today, but I just couldn't run against the cold wind & ended up with walking & a slow jog to finish & get in out of the cold.



  1. Good on you for getting out there, even if it was for a slow jog and a walk. I'm finding it way too cold up here so can't begin to imagine what its like there!

  2. I hear you LL... it is freezing in Sydney at the moment also. I feel like staying in bed every morning but then I get a little whisper in my ear from that coach of mine & I drag my butt out the door and repeat to myself 'i love to run, i love to run, i love to run' and when I thaw out I actually enjoy myself.

    Hang in there :)


  3. What Aunty says goes for me too. I have a secret admission to make that I actually love running in the cold. I really love the challenge of it all.

  4. I say its cold in Sydney and I know its colder in the southern highlands. Keep it up and I will see you at the Bush Capital run.

  5. It certainly is a bit on the chilly side, and I can only imagine what's it's like in the highlands. We're off to Bathurst at the weekend so I'm expecting to be really cold. Thank goodness I'm injured and won't have to go out in it!