Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Long Cold Run...

Icy blasts of wind off the snow blew across Range Road this morning. Plenty of sunshine & no rain but unbelievably cold! I was able to guage just how cold by the following: the driver of a car pulled up beside me for directions. When I went to answer I found my facial muscles had frozen to the extent that I had great difficulty getting my lips to form words! All that came out was the sound of slurred speech which sounded barely human or that of someone extremely intoxicated! I don't think I was of much help to the travellers who looked more lost than ever as they drove off!

Program : Long Run 24kms.

From the car, I ran 2 x 12km loop making it possible to refuel with a gel & sports drink at the car after the first 12km. Before leaving home I tried a Sanitarium Up & Go to experiment with eating before running. So far so good. My legs didn't die as they did last Sunday...they just ached for the last 6km & for several hours after! Took several walk breaks on hills. Has to be a combination of hills & cold that's causing pain in my legs lately.

Distance = 24km. Time = 3 hours 13 minutes. Avg. 8:04kph; Max. 4:55kph. Heart Rate seemed to be all over the place. Mr G-armin doesn't perform well in the cold either!

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  1. Hey LL

    Sounds bloody cold there. I was going to suggest that you move to warmer parts, say Queensland!

    But the people up there also have "great difficulty getting their lips to form words" but for all together different reasons ;)