Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Get On With It......

A warmer day, plenty of sun & more than plenty of wind...a real headwind on the way back. Hilly course.

I was happy to get out for a 1 hour easy run keeping HR 115-120.
Avg. HR = 114bpm. Distance = 7.5km. Turned around at 30 minutes & was back at the start in 60 minutes : 2 even sections...just what I was aiming for!

(Leaning more towards doing the Marathon in Melbourne!!)


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  2. Hi Norma,

    Glad you have bounced back.

    Peterhorse also rang me from Brisbane on Saturday morning. He found a flight though more expensive than you wished but was looking into his frequent flyer points to get you there.

    He also offered to put you up for the night and bring you to the race in the morning. He ran the marathon.

    I just thought it important to let you know about this offer.

    cheers Plu

  3. Yep... another marathon for our first lady! sounds about right me thinks :)