Monday, July 23, 2007

A Day in the City.....

........... lunching with friends. We ate at the 'Tea Room" (3rd floor) of the QVB - I think it has to be one of the few remaining civilized dining venues in the city! Pleasing surroundings & decor, tables well spaced, white linen table cloths, service that couldn't be faulted & delicious food! It was a very good day.

I noticed a sign in the Pitt Street Mall saying that Rebel was closing down so I just had to race in & race out with a new pair of Asics 2120's - I think I'll wear them in to be ready for Melbourne in October - white and bright gold with silver (I think they call it 'lightning'!) & black trim - not exactly the best colours for dirt roads. What extravagance! But I get such a 'kick' out of buying new trainers!

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