Monday, January 23, 2017

Easy, Low Heart Rate ~~~~~

I had trouble with the Garmin's erratic heart rate to start with but eventually the silly thing got it right.  I need to disregard the high readings; they couldn't possibly be true!

I ran from the bottom of the hill near school to Diamond Fields Road and back; turned Garmin off at 50 minutes and walked 1km uphill to where I'd parked the car in some shade.  Hotter than yesterday but a breeze made the jog enjoyable.... even on the hills!  Some walk breaks.

50 minutes

AHR  114bpm  =  79% of max.

TE  2.0  =  Maintaining!

5.28km from school and back


  1. Maintaining is always good after that time off. Bring on a few cooler days I say!

  2. Cooler days, what a difference that'll make!