Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Short Tempo Run ~~~~~

Breezy but still humid on Bowral parkrun course this morning where, after finding there were no echo test results available from my GP (Grrrr! Waited over 30 minutes), I ran the first of the short tempo runs I'll be doing each Tuesday or Wednesday.

VP set to run 8:10m/k which is based on a recent 40 minutes parkrun time for 5km ("Run Less Run Faster" tables used for this.)

2.5km (in 19:20)

Avg. Pace 7:44m/k

AHR 112 bpm;  MHR 119 bpm
78% - 83% of max.

7:23;  7:53 + (4:00)

TE  3.0  =  Improving!!

Even though my pace was ahead of VP (WooHoo!), it felt comfortable for the short distance.

2.5km tempo run.

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